Naturopathic Medicine

You deserve to feel better

How long has it been since you’ve felt like your true you?

Have you been struggling with chronic health problems for a long time and been frustrated by the lack of curative results. Do you long for a doctor who will listen to you and understand your struggle as an individual – rather than a quick-fix drug based approach?. Do you often feel worse, not better, being seen by multiple doctors prescribing and being prescribed many different medications?

It’s time to regain your healthiest self and stay that way.

What We Do

Your healthier self awaits

We provide comprehensive and integrative care to address all aspects of your health. By supporting your body’s innate ability to heal, correct, and function, and by educating you on changes you can make to improve and maintain your health, we work together to bring your body back into balance. This enables you to thrive as your true self.

Do you experience:




Weight Gain


Digestive Issues


Hormonal Changes


Hair loss / Skin problems


Moodiness / Brain fog


Chronic or acute pain



Kick Start Your Health

Try one of our programs

Not ready to take the full leap into a personalized health journey? Not a problem, we understand that sometimes life doesn’t permit those steps. This is why we have developed our programs to be cost-effective, comprehensive, easy to follow, and proven to work for most people. Each one focuses on common issues that most everyone needs and would benefit from.

7-Day Cleanse

Dr. Nicole’s Clean in 7 is one week of detox-friendly living to reset your health.

Shape and Shed

21 days of metabolism-boosting lifestyle choices to kickstart your weight loss goals… And maybe even reach them!

Fit For You

28 days of health-promoting habits to reset your body’s rhythms and metabolism

Online Hormone Therapy

COMING SOON! In the meantime we would be happy to help you with your hormones on a more personal level.

Need a boost today?

Sometimes you just need a little extra to keep you going. We are happy to help you find the perfect option for your ideal pick-me-up.

Vitamin Shots

Vitamin Shots

Increase your energy and strengthen your immune system.No appointment needed.
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Vitamin IV Therapy

Vitamin IV Therapy

Support and optimize your health through IV-delivered nutrients that transfer directly to your body’s cells. Appointment necessary. 15-minute consultation needed for new patients.
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Supplement Store

Supplement Store

We offer medical-grade supplements and nutritional protein powders to support your body’s healing needs.
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Get To Know

Dr. Nicole Marie Ortiz, ND FABNE

In practice for more than a decade, Dr. Nicole is expert at treating complex hormonal and chronic pain issues that have not been resolved by conventional therapies. She is a naturopathic doctor with a focus in endocrinology and hormonal balance. She is also a leader in regenerative injection therapies – with her innovative approach to the rejuvenation of skin, hair, joints and ligaments. Utilizing the body’s own elements to heal — growth factors and stem cells — she helps restore youthfulness to her patients. Dr. Nicole is one of the nation’s leading physicians in the application of regenerative cells in combination with nutrient therapy for healing.

Mold Literate Certified