Dr. Nicole’s Clean in 7


In simple terms, toxins include any substances that have harmful effects on your body. Toxins can come from outside the body, within the body, or both – and are unavoidable in our world of processed foods, high stress, and pollution. The main organ responsible for removing these harmful toxins from the body is the liver. Often, this organ is only considered in regard to alcohol but, in reality, this organ is heavy at work ALL THE TIME, not only when you’re drinking. With all the toxins to which we are exposed, both by choices we make and by means that are out of our control, it can be quite easy for the liver to become overloaded. This is when we see dysfunction and disease start to occur. Wouldn’t it be great if you could give your liver a little reset to clear out all the backed-up junk? Good news – you can! And it’s incredibly easy and effective with Dr. Nicole’s Clean in 7 Program.

Who Needs a Detox Program?


As mentioned, toxins are unavoidable in today’s culture. Even if you lived in a perfectly protected bubble with filtered air, and consumed all organic health foods, you would still have toxic exposure due to natural metabolic processes occurring in your body. Your liver probably wouldn’t be backed up, but you can’t very well live in a bubble. Committing 1 week of your life to cleansing your system can have health-promoting effects that last you the rest of the year!

The Goals of Dr. Nicole’s Clean in 7


Eliminate the incoming burden of toxins from diet and lifestyle.


Support the processing and elimination of toxins by following an easy nutritional protocol.


Clear out stored junk and increase your liver’s ability to detox as toxins come in. Reduce feelings of sluggishness, mood and sleep disturbances, decrease inflammation, and unintended weight gain, so that you can radiate your best self – your TRUE YOU.

What to Expect?

Your eating for the week will consist of two YUMMY shakes made with our custom Clean in 7 protein powder, and one meal (typically dinner) that is full of foods that boost detoxification and gastrointestinal function, and don’t include any foods that carry a toxic burden. You will also be given our custom Clean in 7 capsules to take for the second half of your 7 days that provide extra nutrients to help support the liver even more!

During your week, you will have the support of your entire True You Medical team, with Drs. Nicole and Kylee are ready to help you learn from your body as you cleanse. Depending on how you feel during and shortly after the cleanse, we can learn a lot about the struggles your body may be experiencing. Upon completion of your week, we’ll dive further into your health, so that you can achieve your healthiest self.


COST: $99

Includes Clean in 7 Protein Powder and Detox Capsules