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Select from our array of vitamin intramuscular injections for immediate replenishment of your nutrient needs.

Simple B12

Just B happy. Active methyl-B12


Energy Booster

Active B12 + B-complex + Active Folate


Slim Shot

Stimulating fat burn and liver detoxification of fat with B12 + L–carnitine + Lipotropics.


Liver Lover

Active B12 + liver supportive Lipotropics


Hair Repair

Rich in all the nutrients your hair needs for shine and strength with B–complex + Biotin +Glutathione


Skin Glow

This beauty shot gives your skin a natural glow, with added benefit of energy and mood support


Travel Buddy

Energy & added immune support as you take on your next adventure with B12 + vitamin C +Glutathione + L–carnitine


Antioxidant Power

The most powerful antioxidant boost comes from Glutathione & Vitamin C



Improve your viral defenses with Vitamin C + B–complex + B12 + Glutathione



Closest thing to a quick fix to help restore mental acuity and feel less sluggish. Includes B–vitamins + Liver Support + Anti–oxidants+ Glutathione


Liquid Zen

Zen out with combo of B vitamins + Magnesium + Taurine to promote better sleep and anxiety relief



Detoxify your liver with Glutathione + B–complex + B12




Vitamin C




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