Longevity Medicine

True You Medical embraces aging. The question is, how optimally one can live through the years. Those with the greatest appreciation for life identify that seeking a longevity health program is crucial to remaining mentally sharp, physically fit and emotionally balanced. If your health limits your ability to enjoy the finest experiences of life, then rethink your health program.

The doctors at True You Medical are committed to using the latest scientific discoveries to promote optimal aging. This can include regenerative orthopedic, skin, or hair treatments; natural hormone balancing; improving detoxification pathways; customized nutrient therapy; and specialized diet and exercise programs. They utilize specialty longevity testing including genetic, preventative disease testing and nutritional testing to develop a customized protocol specific for your aging process.

Your health is as strong as the efforts you put into it. Let True You experts make a manageable plan so you aren’t in an unproductive cycle of health appointments and pills.

One of the most sought-after longevity treatments is regenerative stem cell medicine.  This therapy is safe, has little down time and is the best way to achieve restoration of young healthy cells. Dr. Nicole Ortiz is considered an expert in the use of regenerative therapies.